(Pamper Academy: Season 1, Episode 5) Anime Fundamentals with @japagel_nails


Welcome to a new way to learn nail art fundamentals! With explorations of specific character examples, we offer nail art learners an accessible range of highly detailed pre-recorded demonstrations!

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In this episode:

Aya (@japagel_nails) walks through painting an advanced-level anime character (Kenshin).

Sponsored by Vetro International, Pamper proudly presents a character fundamentals class suitable for beginner to intermediate students. 

Taught by Aya (@japagel_nails).

Duration: ~1.2 hours 

Kit Eligibility: U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia only.

Access: Video accessible until February 2025

HD Video Link: Link is provided via email the next business day! 

  • Learn how to problem-solve and troubleshoot anime character painting over small/curved canvases.
  • Learn how to split characters across multiple nails.
  • Learn how to master accuracy and precision.
  • Learn about color engineering.
  • Learn about shading techniques.
  • Learn how to notice the details.

Class is sold with a curated kit of colors needed to recreate the specific character demonstration in this class.

Cancellation Policy:

No refunds or cancellations for pre-recorded class file access.


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