Merry Olde Workshop Advent Calendar 2023

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Merry Olde Workshop Advent Calendar 2023


Pamper is proud to present our 2nd annual Advent Calendar! We were overwhelmed with positive feedback on last year's Ye Olde Pamper Advent Calendar, and we're back, and better than ever!!! 

To offer even more variety, this year we're allowing you to select Minimalist or Extravagant style Advent Calendars. The Extravagant style comes in holiday theme or non-holiday theme. 

Every week, when you unbox your Advent nails, you'll reveal a bit of Santa's workshop! The workshop contains Easter eggs from our drops throughout 2023. Name them all correctly and you can redeem a special prize!!!! Instructions will be enclosed!

It's a SURPRISE! Nails in your Minimalist Advent Calendar *could* include...

4 sets of stunning basics exploring textures, sparkles, and visually striking effects

A surprise amount of accent nails to add a bit of decadence to your basics!

It's a SURPRISE! Nails in your Extravagant Advent Calendar *could* include...

2 sets of stunning basics exploring textures, sparkles, and visually striking effects

2 sets of uniquely curated designs

*few customers will receive rare high value Easter egg sets!

Order Details

Made to order by hand. 14 day lead time from the day we receive your sizes. Lead times can vary due to seasonal traffic and shipping delays.

In a rush / need by a targeted date? Please let us know and we can accommodate for a fee.

New clients will receive a free sizing kit in advance of production. Sizes stay on file for all future orders. We will not begin creating your set until we receive your sizes.

Custom sets are not refundable after the first 24 hours of ordering. This is custom work made to your wishes and so we do not accept returns, exchanges, or refunds. If you wish to cancel your order, please email within 24 hours of your purchase.

All Sales are Final. Mystery box products are not eligible for exchange.

Nail lengths are averages. Nail lengths are measured from cuticle to free edge and are average values. Smaller nail beds may yield slightly shorter lengths. Refer to your sizing kit for true fit and length. 

Packages include:

Your custom nails

Emory board for prepping + pushing back cuticles

Isopropyl alcohol cleansing pad

8x sheets gummy adhesive tabs

Our Mission:

Pamper Nail Gallery is a team of highly skilled artists who share a passion for making tiny works of art using nails as a canvas. Nails are not just an obsession for us, but a way we translate our love of world histories, cultures, and other forms of art into something wearable and enjoyable for each of our customers. We strive to maintain a high level of consistency and quality.

Help us get to know you! The more you order or the more you share with us your preferences, we can tailor the best possible experience for you. The happiest customers tell us what they like and more importantly, what they don't like.

Founded in late 2020, we're just starting our journey! Thank you for your support and kindness as we constantly work to improve the experience. 

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