Single Bag for Commissions


Get a single shape and length of tips we offer/use for commissions:

Natural Squoval
Extra Short Round
Extra Short Almond
Extra Short Square
Short Almond
Short Square
Short Coffin
Short Stiletto
Medium Almond / Stiletto 
Medium Square
Medium Coffin
Long Almond / Stiletto 
Long Square
Long Coffin

Our Mission:

Pamper Nail Gallery is a team of highly skilled artists who share a passion for making tiny works of art using nails as a canvas. Nails are not just an obsession for us, but a way we translate our love of world histories, cultures, and other forms of art into something wearable and enjoyable for each of our customers. We strive to maintain a high level of consistency and quality.

Founded in late 2020, we're just starting our journey! Thank you for your support and kindness as we constantly work to improve the experience. 

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